Fundamental Economic Concepts


Unit 1 Provides a basic introduction to and an overview of economics.

Ch. 1 What is Economics
Focuses on the fundamental economic problem of scarcity and introduces terms necessary to the study and understanding of economics
Ch. 2 Economic Systems and Decision Making

Ch. 2 continues the discussion of decision making and focuses on the different economic systems.  We also will pay special attention to the different viewpoints from around the world on Capitalism and try to understand alternatives to it.


  1. Economic Systems PPT

  2. Economic Systems Worksheet

  3. Comparing the US and other countries

Ch. 3 covers the various kinds of economic institutions that operate in our economy

  1. Sect. 3-1, 3-2, 3-3

  2. PepsiCo

  3. Business Organization

  4. Ch. 3 Notes