Service Learning Project


  1. Sept. 12th -Sept 19th. -Selection of topic and groups

  2. Community Location approval due Oct. 1st, 2018

  3. Community Volunteer Hours due Oct. 22, 2018

  4. South East IDOL Presentations: Oct 22nd- Oct. 31st


 DO NOT SELECT A TOPIC.  One person from each group will select their group's topic....Please do not select more than one topic per group.  Include the other group members under the comments.

Topic Selection site:

SELECT 1 for quantity...DO NOT SELECT 4


Through service-learning, young adults use what they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems. They not only learn the practical applications of their studies, they become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform.  This is project designed to fulfill the service learning requirement from Los Angeles Unified School District.  This project is a mandatory project for students in American Government and Economics.

To find out what topics were approved please click on SLP TOPICS button on the left, and look for your group.  The topics are in MS EXCEL format and therefore you need EXCEL to read it.  There are two colors, yellow and red.  All approved topics are colored in yellow and those that need to be changed are red.  Please see your Government teacher for more info.