A little bit about your teacher

Personal Life

I am originally from Guatemala and have been living in the United States since 1980. I am married to a wonderful woman and have two great children (15 and 12). As some of my students know, I love to travel.  And sometimes, I travel with my students to Europe. I think travelling is crucial in developing a better understanding of the world around us.  Traveling also gives you a real perspective of what is happening around the world.  U.S. citizens unfortunatelly don't travel enough outside of the country.  I hope to travel to South American and perhaps Africa and Asia.

Another one of my passions is cooking.  I love to cook and therefore very critical about food.  Some of my students may just say that I am a hater.  But in reality, if you are going to eat, it has to be good.  I am always looking for the next dish to cook...whether it may be Lomo Saltado, or Steak Au Poivre.  Let me know if you want the recipes.

Unfortunately I was not given the talent gene, but I sure know how to appreciate good music.  My musical tastes is varied...As you will find out once I start playing music in my classroom, I can go from Manu Chao (my fav) to Andrea Bocelli, and then to the Beatles, and perhaps finish with Los Tigres del Norte or Cuco Sanchez.  However, I could not go a day without playing something from Guatemala, Ricardo Arjona, or my newly discovered favorite...Gaby Moreno.

So you want to know a little bit about me...  I graduated from Belmont High School in Los Angeles.  I then attended UCSB and received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with an emphasis in International Relations, and Sociology. I received my teaching credential and Masters at National University.  Since you should never stop learning, I have been taking classes at several community colleges, some for fun, and others to become a better teacher. If you see me around campus, come and say hi.  This is my 21st or 22nd year in the teaching profession.  I began my teaching career at Virgil Middle School.  I taught social studies, and was in charge of technology.  I was there for 5 years until I decided to try my luck at a high school.  I was very lucky to find a position at Franklin HS.  However, I stopped teaching social studies and began teaching computers. I loved my time there because I met great colleagues and awesome students.  But due to cut backs, I was let go and ended up at Bernstein high school.  A brand new high school in the Hollywood area.  I worked there 2 years.  The drive home was the main reason I decided to leave that high school.  Sometimes it would take me up up to two hours to get home.  My prayers were answered when I received an offer to teach at South East.  This is my 5th year at this school and I enjoy myself more each year, except for the schedule.  I currently teach Government and Business. So if you are currently my student, welcome.  If you are not, I hope you get to take one of my classes.